Frequently Asked Questions


TENAMINT is a token based community that’s making it possible for all fans to own a piece of an authenticated, vaulted, high value and hard-to-find minted trading cards. The marketplace allows people to buy into their favorite athletes’ sports cards through an easy-to-use platform. Users can easily buy, sell, or hold fractions of these cards on TENAMINT.

How does it work?

With TENAMINT, card collectors now have the luxury of being able to sell fractions of their cards on our marketplace and earn long-term rewards through their collectibles. The seller can choose the exact percentage of the market value of their collectibles and issue that amount in the form of tokens on our marketplace. At that point, a card DROP takes place and  TENAMINT buyers are able to get in on the action. When those tokens are then traded on the secondary market, the initial seller will, in turn, receive rewards on every single transaction related to their card.

Who owns the cards?

The cards are listed by their owners on the TENAMINT platform. Once the card is listed and approved, the collector releases a percentage of ownership for the card. That particular percentage will be made available for purchase by TENAMINT users. Cards submitted to TENAMINT are stored in our industry recognized and insured vault. Every purchased card token represents membership in the card. Once the card is released on the platform, there is an entire community created exclusive to other members like you.

Where are the cards kept?

TENAMINT cards are securely stored in a bank-style vault where the card is authenticated, insured, and appraised.

What types of cards do you offer on the TENAMINT platform?

TENAMINT offers a wide variety of cards including (but not limited to): NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, F1, UFC, Tennis, and Pokemon just to name a few. TENAMINT aims to list the most sought-after cards in the world.

Who are you guys?

TENAMINT is founded by childhood sports fans that never forgot what made them fall in love with the game in the first place. We at TENAMINT have an authentic passion for the world of sports and sports collectibles. After years of collecting on a casual level, our founders had the ground breaking idea to revolutionize their favorite pastime forever. With that idea came TENAMINT, the first ever reward-generating digital marketplace where fractional card tokens of the rarest cards can be bought and sold in real time.

How are the cards selected?

Cards are submitted by collectors and selected for listing by TENAMINT. All card factors are considered, including but not limited to: athlete, condition, rarity, and popularity.

I have an asset I think would be a great fit for TENAMINT — can I list it on your site?

Of course! If you have a card that you think would be a great fit for TENAMINT, register today to submit a card to be listed, or click here.

How do I make a purchase?

Once a card is listed on TENAMINT, you can join the DROP to purchase card tokens of the card. Each card token is worth a set amount at the time of the drop and may increase/decrease in value over time. The price is set by an appraiser, in addition with TENAMINT and the collector listing the card. Once the DROP is complete, the card will be placed on our secondary marketplace where buyers can buy and sell card tokens in real-time. Click here for info on how buy a token using NEAR.

Who can make purchases on TENAMINT?

At this time we are currently accepting users for our open beta. Simply sign-up to get registered and be amongst the first to use TENAMINT. All users must be over the age of majority.

What are some key terms & phrases I should be familiar with?

See our glossary

How can I consolidate my balance on TENAMINT

Viewing your wallet balance is made easy through TENAMINT. Your consolidated balance is shown at the top right once you are signed into the web app. If you click on the balance you will see the multiple coins that may make-up your consolidated balance.

How can I purchase $NEAR to use on TENAMINT?

Purchasing NEAR is made easy through Transak - a TENAMINT on-ramp partner. Check out this blog post here for information on how you can add NEAR to your wallet.

If I make a purchase, can I see the cards?

Your card tokens are viewable using on the portfolio page.

What is the goal for users on TENAMINT

TENAMINT is built for collectors. We want to allow people to build a collection of their favorite athletes and their respective cards. When collectors list a card on TENAMINT they earn the initial DROP value of the card back. Additionally, every time the tokens of a card you listed on TENAMINT is sold on the secondary marketplace, you can earn 1.25% of every sale in the form of rewards. The possibilities are endless whether you are a collector that looking to list or diversify your collection.

What are the risks?

The value of a card can increase or decrease based on a variety of factors. These factors effect card and card token prices. It is important to know that these factors are mostly out of the control of you and TENAMINT. Some of these variables include but are not limited to: Player Performance, Popularity, Rarity, Card Population, Market Liquidity, and other  trends. TENAMINT is not responsible for any loss of value and does not provide financial services, investment products, or advice in any way shape or form.

How can I sell my cards?

You can sell your card token on the marketplace once the initial DROP has concluded and trading has opened on the marketplace.

Can I buy cards even if I missed the initial DROP?

Yes, of course. You can buy card tokens on the marketplace even if you miss the initial drop.

Why didn’t my BUY or SELL order go through?

In order for your buy or sell order to be successful, there must be a corresponding order looking to perform the opposite request. You can see the ask/bid price of any given card and set yours accordingly to have the best chance of it being executed.

Are there fees to buy or sell card tokens?

There are no fees when you list a card on TENAMINT or when you buy card tokens during the DROP. When a card token is purchased on the secondary marketplace there is a 5% service fee that is charged to the buyer and split between the initial card lister, those who hold the token, and lastly the TENAMINT treasury. This fee allows us to keep the platform running and attract new collectors to the marketplace.

Are the cards secure and maintained?

Every card hosted on TENAMINT is stored in a bank-style vault that is fully secured and insured. We consider card security, authenticity, and maintenance core to our business at TENAMINT.

How do I pay?

TENAMINT currently accepts NEAR, USDT, and USDC. The platform enables users to use credit-card options to purchase NEAR to conduct their transactions. BTC, ETH, and other popular cryptocurrency options can be used to purchase card tokens as well via EUKAPAY