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By fractionalizing cards into affordable pieces, TENAMINT breaks financial and geographical barriers for collectors. When you list a card on TENAMINT, you receive the full appraised card value and earn an ongoing 1.5% reward on every transaction of your card. Join TEAM TENAMINT and start selling today.

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Your options are endless. Since every card on TENAMINT is fractionalized, you can sell the entire card or retain partial ownership. Earn ongoing rewards no matter what you decide.

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Anywhere. Anytime.

TENAMINT lets you access your collection from anywhere. Gone are the days of lugging around binders and boxes. Whether you’re buying or selling you can show off your collection from anywhere.

Stay Up-to-date.

Find the latest card drops and join live case breaks. See real-time sports data for each athlete to buy at the perfect time. You’ll always be in the know.

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The Process

List Your Card.


Submit Your Card

Submit your trading card's details and images to determine eligibility and appraisal value. It’s free to submit a card.



TENAMINT provides a pre-paid and insured shipping label to a partnered vault. They will authenticate, insure, and safely store the card.



TENAMINT uses blockchain technology to mint a 1:1 digital counterpart that is binded to the vaulted card. The card is then fractionalized.


The Drop

A DROP date is scheduled for your card. Once it sells out, its fractions become available for users to buy and sell on the marketplace.



You’ll receive the full card value, and an additional ongoing 1.5% reward on every DROP and marketplace purchase of your card.