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TENAMINT is the Web3.0 Marketplace for Trading Cards. Get front-row access to the best in collectable cards. 
» Real, physical cards fractionalized
» Authenticated, vaulted, & insured
» Community-based ownership
» Earn rewards on every card you own

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We created a way to make the most sought-after trading cards affordable to everyone. Every card on TENAMINT is curated, authenticated, and vaulted. Since each card is divided into affordable, fractional pieces, you can easily collect your favorite cards. Join our community to start building your collection today.

Build your dream collection.

Through fractionalization, TENAMINT makes it easy to grow a diverse portfolio of sought-after cards. The platform is open to NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, F1, UFC, Pokémon and other trading cards.

Anywhere. Anytime.

TENAMINT lets you access your collection from any device. Gone are the days of lugging around binders and boxes. Buy or sell fractions, and show off your collection from anywhere.

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Find the latest card drops and use sports data to make real-time decisions. Track your collections through the data-driven dashboard.

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TENAMINT is a token based platform that makes it easy to purchase hard-to-find and sought-after trading cards.

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TENAMINT is an online platform that makes it easy to list and trade fractions of sought-after trading cards.

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